segunda-feira, 24 de novembro de 2008

A certain Romance

i'm frustrated.
have you ever had the feelin' of being defeated?
It's like a sequence of punches in your stomach. And they probably like to throw a punch at me.
I'd rather live with the doubt than actually face the truth, yeah i'ma coward! I'ma pirate!
And i know that..
But what could be worse than the truth?
So let me sleep and forget about iiit.
I'm tryin' to relieve from all my guilty, 'cause i'm sooo upset right now..
what i do need now is a looong trip where i can forget about all my problems and try not to think about future.
I guess i just need some vacation ...
So please, just give me notice about tests' results on feb! Before that just call me to say some good news. And please buy me some ice cream when its possible.

um desabafo de vez em quando vai bem,
Ah com inspiração de :
Arctic Monkeys- A certain romance
ouçam, é bom!

2 comentários:

cid disse...

meu comentario é qto a sua inspiração. é q fui no show ao vivo do artic monkeys q foi transmitido nos cinemas entao soh escuto isso agora ahuauhhua

billy disse...

go trip, girl!
but remember, we're the one to blame when someone punches us in tha stomach, it's true.
anyways, who cares about the truth?
u'r bigger and better than that, love, shine it off!